Dear Residents:

The Board of Commissioners of the Marengo Park District is aware of the recent media coverage concerning Joe Vallez, Manager of Park Operations. As a governing body committed to providing outstanding services to our community, the Marengo Park District and Joe Vallez both have been equally transparent in all discussions about the professional relationships he has with other park districts.

The Marengo Park District has a contractual agreement with Joe Vallez that details the terms in which he works for the park district. The district has reviewed the agreement and has confirmed that Joe Vallez is in complete compliance with the terms of his employment agreement with the Marengo Park District.

During his tenure in Marengo we have been satisfied with the progress made by the park district in moving forward with a plan to provide outstanding services for our residents. The park district under Mr. Vallez leadership has overhauled our financial reporting process, has implemented a plan to remove and replace unsafe facilities. The park district has also cut expenses in many areas that have resulted in cost savings of over $100,000 district wide.

Joe Vallez continues to build partnerships with community groups, elected officials, residents and the business community. The district’s most recent initiative to fund and build a new playground at Indian Oaks Park has raised approximately $29,000 under his direction. We look forward to his leadership and energy to continue helping our community and park district move forward.


Board of Commissioners,  Marengo Park District


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