Jayne C. Diller, founder of Empower YOU-Life Source Center says she was born to be a life coach. An ordained minister, Diller has many years of experience walking alongside individuals, couples and families who are hurting, confused and struggling with seemingly overwhelming issues of life.

Diller has been married for 35 years. She’s a mom, grandma, and an ordained minister since 1989. “I’ve been doing this type of work since I was 17 years old,” she explained. Interested in psychology, she went to Aurora University and George Williams College. She considers herself a life-coach. “I take people where they are today, rather than look at yesterday. There’s nothing we can do about yesterday; we can only move on.”

Diller believes that strength comes from family. She uses her experience as a social worker and chaplain to build family relationships. She works with all types of families at various “seasons” of life: marriage, empty nesting, parenting, family crises. She helps people overcome poor communications, issues unique to blended families, and those specific to foster parenting. She also helps people with PTSD.

Diller explains that most people call when they experience some type of breakdown in their relationships like difficulty communicating or a lack of quality time. “Sometimes difficulty surfaces when a family transitions from one season to another,” Diller explained. “For example, newlyweds moving into parenthood often experience a change in friends, have new careers, and wonder about their parenting skills.” Again, when a couple’s children transition to adolescents, “they can feel like their pre-teen entering junior high, have aliens inhabiting their child’s brain.”

Diller walked away from social work because of her experience with other diagnosticians and medication. “Sometimes people just need to be heard and evaluated.” She serves as a bridge between those professionals and her client. “Many times a client just needs someone to talk to.” If client needs medical treatment she will refer them to a clinician.

Diller's office is arranged into several comfortable conversation areas: a kitchen table, a living room, and a traditional office with a desk and chairs. Clients enjoy professional confidentiality privileges. “My objective is to discover how I can help them help themselves and keep them from suffering. Sometimes it’s as plain as the tip of their nose, but they’re missing it,” said Diller. “I like to say I help people get over the speed bump before they lose hope.”

Although her services are not covered by most health insurances, Diller's fees are kept at a minimum. “I just need to pay my bills,” said Diller, “I hope people notice there is somewhere to go before they seek medical care.” Life-coach services generally involve a weekly one-hour session for about two months. It can be longer or shorter depending on the goals set.


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