The warmer weather is approaching; the grass will soon start to turn green, the trees will start to bud and the sounds of birds will be heard throughout the neighborhood. The warmer weather also brings with it some unpleasantness, burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles. There are several things that can be done in order to help prevent you from becoming a victim of one of these crimes.

Burglary to motor vehicles is a crime of opportunity that mainly takes place late in the evening or early in the morning. The typical burglar doesn’t like to work hard if they don’t have to, they seek easy targets. One, being unlocked motor vehicles and two, being vehicles with the windows partially down or the sun roof open. The typical items that burglars like to take from vehicles are:

1. Loose change

2. Cigarettes

3. Mobile phones

4. Tools

5. Compact Disk

6. Purses, Wallets

7. Laptops

8. GPS Devices

9. Radar Detectors

10. Brief Cases

There are several things you can do to help yourself from becoming a victim to one of these types of crimes.

1. Lock your vehicle

2. Park in the garage if you have one

3. Make sure your windows are all the way up

4. Close your sun roof

5. Install an alarm system

6. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle

7. Leave your outside lights on at night

Keeping your outside lights on or having a motion sensor on your lights can help prevent would be criminals from breaking into your vehicle. If you use a GPS device that needs a suction cup that mounts on the window, make sure you wipe down the area on the window when you remove your device. Burglars look for the marks left on the window to determine if you may have one of these devices. Even if they don’t see the device itself, they know there is a possibility it could be in your vehicle. Never ever leave your spare set of keys in the car. In the past, we have had several vehicles stolen after the burglar found keys inside the vehicle. Once in a while we get what is called a smash and grab. A smash and grab is when the burglar finds the vehicle doors locked, sees something of value in the vehicle and breaks the window in order to get to what they want; so again if there is nothing for them to see, they won’t waste there time breaking the window and will look for an easier target.

No one likes to be a victim of a crime, but if you should become one, notify the police as soon as possible. If the crime is not in progress call the non-emergency number, if the crime is in progress call 911. Don’t go out and confront the burglar, this could put you in a position of danger. Most burglary to motor vehicles are reported when people wake up and are heading to work, if you hear or see anything suspicious in the late evening or early morning hours, please give us a call and we will come and check it out. Don’t touch your vehicle as potential evidence can be lost. After the police process the vehicle, go through it and provide the police with a list of everything that was taken from the vehicle.

On a lighter note, Marengo is in the top twenty safest cities to live in America for a population of its size.


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