Indian Oaks Park was a hive of activity on Saturday, May 13. Volunteers were constructing new playground equipment.

Registration table volunteer Nicole Hamilton said, “I am here today to have my kids watch the new playground go up and be a part of the work. We’ve got the playground, children’s hand prints on picnic tables, disc golf, a drum circle, seed planting, river rock painting, and bird feeders - a lot of activities for the kids while the adults are building.

“We have people from Intren, the Police Department, park district volunteers, community members, and the 4-H is coming later. We have had 35 people register today, paramedics and fire rescue members are here as well, plus the kids, plus everyone who pre-registered, over 100 people total. We started at 8 a.m. and will keep going until it is done - we think it will be around 2 p.m.

“The goal is that everything will be done today,” said Beth Dixon. “Our next goal is to install a splash pad.”xxxxxxxxxxxx “We are trying to make our community better one piece at a time,” said Jolene Wright. “If my kids had had a football game today, I would have missed it and I have not missed even one of my sons’ games. That’s how important this is.”

A few of Marengo’s notables came out to help: Miss Lopez, principal of Locust School; Stephanie Keenum, teacher at Marengo Middle School; Mrs. Secor, 3rd grade at Locust School; Alderman Nickki DeBoer and Alderman Mike Miller; Greg Wright, president of School District 165 Board; Rick Czepczynski, of the District 165 School Board; members of the Fire Department and Police Department; Locust School provided breakfast and 4-H Eagles provided lunch.

Early Sunday morning Alderman Mike Miller was on site. He said, “This is a community built playground to keep costs down. We wanted good lighting to cut down vandalism and we wanted the playground near the buildings for our preschoolers. Intren donated $10,000 to make this playground happen and it will be named ‘Intren Playground.’

“We are still waiting for a few pieces to arrive. There will be digger machines for the kids to play with and a piece of the ‘treehouse’ has yet to come. We decided not to wait for them in order to get the playground built.

“Darryl Koeper builds golf courses. He donated his time and equipment. We had to build up the playground area a little and brought in clean fill from the Taco Bell construction site. Real Construction worked with us. Kunde Excavating was here for several nights. Mike Pottinger donated four truckloads of gravel for the sidewalk and called in favors.

“Steve Doyle, a park district employee, is still donating time this morning to complete the area for the community. Everyone pitched in and there were a lot of good comments on the Forum last night.”

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