Rob Sherman


Marengo resident, Jaime Campuzano, 31, was struck and killed Oct. 22 while crossing Route 176 at Prospect Street. The McHenry County Coroner’s Office and the Marengo Police Department are investigating the death, which occurred at approximately 6:15 p.m. that evening. The Marengo Fire and Rescue Department responded to the call at 6:21 p.m., and at 6:44 p.m., Campuzano was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesperson with the Mc Henry County Sheriff’s Department Special Services stated that their personnel was completing documentation on the incident with timeline, diagrams, and report information. There was a witness to the accident, and the driver’s identity is on file with law enforcement agencies. The coroner’s office performed an autopsy on the following day, due to non-natural cause and manner of death.

The Marengo Police Department is leading the actual investigation for criminal charges. “At this point, no citations have been issued,” said Marengo Police Chief Rich Solarz. “The investigation is still open and ongoing.”


Toxicology reports on the body of Rob Sherman, who perished when his Zenair CH601 aircraft crashed in a Marengo farm field last Dec. 10, returned as negative. The autopsy and tests eliminated physical impairments, due to drugs or alcohol, and no health-related issues that contributed to the accident. Additionally, no suicide notes, or allusions to self-injury were discovered. The McHenry County Coroner’s Office identified his remains in a Dec. 12 press release, following an autopsy performed that afternoon. County coroner Anne Majewski stated Sherman, 63, of Poplar Grove, died from multiple trauma injuries. The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the Federal Aviation Authority, and the National Transportation Safety Board. , as to causality for the downed aircraft.

Sherman’s plane was found in a snow-covered Marengo farm field, and had crashed either late evening Dec. 9, or early hours of Dec. 10. He was pronounced dead at 7:53 a.m., approximately 25 minutes after the Marengo dispatch had responded to the scene after being alerted to the wreckage.

A preliminary NTSB report indicated that Sherman was flying at night in violation of his pilot’s license which only carried a sports pilot designation. Those findings also indicated the plane crashed after “a loss of control. He left the Poplar Grove Airport at 6;12 p.m., Dec. 9, flying to the Schaumburg Regional Airport for an Experimental Aircraft Association party for the holiday season. Sherman had been involved with “building your own airplane” kits from the Missouri-based Zenith Plane Aircraft Company.

Sherman is best remembered for being party to a lawsuit filed on the premise of the separation between church and state against the city of Zion, and the village of Wauconda, regarding Christian crosses atop municipally- owned structures during the holiday season.


Three members of the Marengo Cemetery Board will tender their resignations due to an ongoing dispute regarding funding from the city’s property tax levy that has been reduced successively over the last few fiscal years, as Brittney Richardson, George Bauman, and Richard Zenk will relinquish their duties. Richardson appeared at the Oct. 9 city council session, and read a prepared statement leading to the announcement that she would vacate her position Dec. 15, and the others would follow suit. Problems with communications between the city and the board were cited as the defining point, and Richardson expressed her frustration with her statement, in part: “The ad hoc committee formed in 2015 took a negative approach…they made implications of missing mowers, stolen gas, and misuse of property. They even went so far as to allege financial abuse...Despite knowing the full extent that another (committee) member was willing to go to find something wrong---I increased my effort to cooperate, hoping to come to an amicable resolution.

“For the last two years we have been trying to work with you. Apparently, those efforts meant nothing to you.”

The city council allotted $10,000 for Fiscal Year 2017, from its budget, along with an additional $5,000 for Fiscal Year 2018, at their discretion. The cemetery board projected approximately $15,000 in expenses for the next fiscal year. Several options are on the table for consideration by the full council at a special meeting Oct. 30, and also on the statements of qualification for wastewater engineering services, at its plant.


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