Winter has not reared its face, and we have not seen the snow....(yet). When the snow does come, and I am sure we will see it soon, this will turn up the heat in our homes as we begin to bundle up. Let’s discuss fire safety in the home: It is a fact that half of home fires occur, from heat related appliances in the months of December, January and February (for obvious reasons). Accidents happen; however, accidents can be prevented - here are a few tips to help prevent an accidental fire in your home:

Santa trainI received a note the other day - an invitation for me, my friends and my family. I thought I would share it with all of the people in the Marengo-Union area. It reads:

Pleasant Acres Farm(Editor’s note: This is the second of a series of articles on local farms that produce the food we eat.)

Pleasant Acres Farm is a small livestock and grain farm located at 306 Busse Road between Marengo and Harvard. Owner Joe Clarke was born and raised in Prospect Heights. Thirtythree years ago he married his high school sweetheart, Beth Stark, and the two of them became interested in farming.

Iron worksD5 Iron Works will soon be moving from its location in Woodstock to the outskirts of Union. The land is next door to Intren [formerly Trench-It].

“We bought property in Union to expand our business in a new permanent facility,” says owner Ray Lidner. “We service the Chicagoland area and, just from a logistical standpoint, Union is located only ten miles from Interstate I-90.”

bootsIt is time to shop for the gardeners on your holiday list. We love to share ideas for gifts that any gardener or homeowner would love to receive. If you visit a local garden center, you may find some of our suggestions. Otherwise, start early and order from a catalog or online.

Gardeners always appreciate seeds, especially anything that is heirloom. We like Seed Saver’s Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Renee’s Garden for unique selections of vegetables and flowers. You could package seeds in a gift basket with gel kneepads, garden gloves, plant markers or gardener’s skin care products.

A few weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving, Marengo got an early holiday present. The area franchise holder/developer of Taco Bell is making commitment to build a Mexican fast food restaurant located on the northwest corner of Lindow Lane and USH 20 – East Grant Highway. To be built on the outlot in front of Sullivan’s Grocery with access coming off of Lindow, the 2,053 square-foot building is planned to have dining room seating for 42 patrons, and an outside patio that could seat another 31. And of course, one of the building’s other features is a drive-through for carry- out service. With the building’s plan currently under permit review, and knowing that construction start-up is somewhat weather dependent, for now it is anticipated that the restaurant will open up mid-2017.

The warm weather has left us and the holidays have arrived; many of us are still waking from our naps after that Thanksgiving feast. As we begin our Christmas shopping, I would like to remind everyone who shops online to make sure to look at your credit card statements and verify your purchases. If you notice purchases you did not make contact your credit card company right away. Identity theft normally goes up during the holiday season.

Veterans dayMarengo Area Community High School held its 9h Annual Veterans’ Day Assembly, November 11, at 9:00 A.M. Veterans from every branch of the armed forces are honored during the assembly. Rather than have a day off from school, children from 4th through 12th grade participate in honoring area veterans.

City Council Addresses Two Liquor Businesses

The City Council approved the liquor license for a new concept wine bar that will feature Illinois wines and cheeses, coupled with a tasting and sampling area, during its Nov. 28 meeting. Connie’s Corkery will be located in the strip mall on Rt. 20 (Grant’s Highway), which has Sullivan’s Foods as its anchor store, acting as a “coming together and outlet site for wines made in the great state of Illinois,’”said Jason Moy.

McGill Building 1890The McGill’s Company has been in Marengo since 1932. These buildings have been used as a blacksmith, a livery stable, an auto dealership, and lastly, as a manufacturer of ticket punches and of mouse traps.

 “Up until 1986, they produced millions of mouse traps and Marengo became known as the ‘Mouse Trap Capitol of the World’,” says Chuck Andrews of the Marengo United Methodist Church. The property was sold in 1986 and production faded away.


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