Jack and Audrey Feldkamp Murdered in Marengo, Son in Fair Condition

John "Jack" and Audrey Feldkamp, residents of Somerset Drive in Marengo, were murdered at their home on the evening of June 7.

Doran A. Bloom, 27, a neighbor of the Feldkamp's with a history of mental illness, allegedly entered their home at 8:17 p.m. Sheriff Keith Nygren of the McHenry County Sheriff's Office, said Bloom allegedly first stabbed Jack and killed him. Bloom allegedly proceeded to stab Scott Feldkamp, 54, Jack and Audrey's son who was visiting from Florida, several times. While Scott went to get a pistol, Bloom allegedly stabbed Audrey multiple times. Scott then allegedly shot and killed Bloom. Jack and Bloom both died at the scene. Audrey was flown to St. Anthony's Hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Scott was transported to Sherman Hospital in Elgin and is said to be in fair condition.

"[Scott] did whatever he could to intervene," Nygren said. "As a result, he was stabbed several times. He did whatever he could to save his father and mother."

Jack was the owner of Harmony Real Estate in Marengo and a former assessor and planning commissioner of Coral Township.

Nygren said the motive is still being investigated, though he said this was an, "isolated incident aimed at the couple, for whatever reason." He said the residents in the community are in no further danger.

"This is a horrible tragedy for everyone," Nygren said. "We believe the man acted alone. There is no evidence as to a motive or why these people were murdered."

Nygren said Bloom had mental health issues since he was a teen, and still did. Bloom was living in an apartment in Woodstock until about 10 days ago, and moved back in with his mother and father (whose names were not released) in Marengo, Nygren said. Bloom had a DUI arrest a year ago from the City of Woodstock, he said.

"The offender had been sitting in their backyard and suddenly was not there," Nygren said. "[His] mother was concerned and went to go look for him. When she didn't find him, she went down the street and saw our vehicles and suspected something was wrong."

There will be a post-mortem on Audrey today, June 9, as well as on Bloom, Nygren said.

"We'll [get] as much information as we can through the forensic evidence," Nygren said. "We're far from being finished with this."

Including the Feldkamp's murders, there have been three murders in McHenry County this year, Nygren said.

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