Letter From the Mayor, July 2011

The sky is the limit. During these troubled economic times, new businesses are considering Marengo. Business leaders admire the location of the City of Marengo, where you can have “country living with city privileges.” The recent discussion about community issues has spawned talk about the lack of transparency in government. Although our society has progressed in the area of informational technology, this technology is not always available to every citizen. Marengo plans to use informational technology to expand transparency and is open to suggestions for those who do not have access to technology.

We welcome your input at our city council meetings that are held the second and fourth Mondays of every month. Meetings are at 7p.m. at Marengo City Hall, located on East Prairie Street. Citizens that cannot attend can find the agenda and minutes available at: http://www.cityofmarengo.com/meetings.html. The agendas are published online the Wednesdays prior to the city council meetings. As mayor of this wonderful community of ours, I take great pride in our open door policy. I am available to listen to your input and comments at either city hall, 815-568-7112, or at my home at 815-568-6559, before 7p.m.