From The Desk of the Union Village Clerk, July 2011

When the robins return, usually around March 5th, it is always an exciting day for me. Our yard is now filled with robins since our fifteen year-old black lab left us a few years ago. The robins feel free to linger and search for the worms under the ground. It seems they have radar in their feet as they pull the reluctant worms from their hiding place. As I sit by the big window in my office, I see the robins busy in the park as they pass by with long pieces of string or straw, headed to their favorite tree to weave it into their nest. It seems they come back to the same spot year after year. As I have watched a robin build her nest in the hedges just outside my living room window at home, I often wonder if it is the same bird year after year, or if it is one of the hatchlings coming home. I know a lot of you young Mom's are at a stage in life when you are sending your first born off to work or preparing them for college this fall. You will understand how I felt when my first born son left home for the first time; (I am here to warn you that they too return many times during their lifetime, so don't linger on the grief for long). I composed this poem when my son left for Miami to work before going to college.


I watched her patiently build her nest and lay her four blue eggs. Such a loving Mom she made as she sat there day by day.

The first bird hatched and away she flew to feed his hungry cry. It's hard to believe this featherless bird would soon be able to fly.

The others hatched, she fussed and fumed and satisfied their whims. The day has come let us try our wings, she seemed to say to him.

The first to hatch is the first to leave, what orders she seemed to give. She knows how careful you must be if in this world you live.

He is off and gone and she is back to continue her Motherly ways. I know just how you feel my dear, our first born son left home today.

By Hilda Creasy, 1979