Top 10 Unique Things to Do This Summer in Marengo

10. Join the “Garage Sale Caravan” that mysteriously forms every Friday morning, and find some great deals by just following the pack.

9. Stand in front of Lindsay Auto Parts and solve the hidden message on the sign faster than your friends. Loser buys brats at Wayne’s Country Market’s outdoor BBQ.

8. Stop into Corbin’s to teach one of the cockatiels to sing Blue Suede Shoes.

7. Take a bike ride down the HUM bike trail and stop for a picnic lunch.

6. First find out WHAT disk golf is, then try to play it on the new course at the Marengo Park District.

5. Go to the library and check out a book that a movie was based on that you loved…the book is ALWAYS better.

4. Visit the Farmers’ Market and try some farm-fresh fruits and veggies.

3. Spend the afternoon in the Marengo Park District pool playing Marco Polo.

2. Take a walking tour of the resale shops and see what hidden treasures you can buy with $10.

1. Get an autograph and picture with one of the members of the ILLINOIS STATE CLASS 3A CHAMPION SOFTBALL PLAYERS FROM MCHS! Whoop, Whoop!!