Combined Dial-A-Ride now includes Union

Dial-a-ride has been available for a number of cities and municipalities within McHenry County for a number of years. Now the dial-a-ride services in McHenry County have been combined into one coordinated service called MCRide. And, for the first time, Union has been included in its services.

Beginning April 1, MCRide dial-a-ride service will be available in the Village of Union. The Village will be joining nine townships and nine other municipalities that currently make up the MCRide program. This expansion builds on the continued collaboration between McHenry County and Pace Suburban Bus to improve public transportation throughout the County.

“We are super excited that people can come to Union to visit the shops, the McHenry County Historical Museum, Illinois Railway Museum, and the Wild West Town. Residents of Union can also get a ride to Marengo and othe towns in McHenry County,” said Susan Borucki, Transportation Planner.

MCRide is a great way to get around McHenry County and provides over 100,000 trips per year. Whether you need transportation for work, school, shopping, medical appointments, or just to visit a friend, MCRide provides an affordable and flexible way to travel.

As a dial-a-ride program, MCRide service is “on-demand” and buses do not travel in a fixed route each day. Riders schedule their trips in advance and the vehicle provides curb-to-curb service from the rider’s desired pick-up and drop-off destinations. MCRide is a shared-ride service, so vehicles may make stops for other passengers. All MCRide buses are wheelchair accessible and up to two children (7 years and under) can ride free with a fare-paying adult.

Trips are scheduled by calling the Pace Call Center at 1-800-451- 4599. Call takers will register you during your first call. Seniors 60 years of age or older and individuals with disabilities can schedule rides up to seven days in advance of their trip. All other riders can schedule 24 hours in advance of their trip. Let the Call Center know your pick-up and drop-off locations, your desired trip time, if you are using any mobility aids, and if you are traveling with other passengers. You should remember to schedule both legs of your trip with the Call Center.

You can travel to and from any place in the MCRide service area for which you are eligible. These locations do not need to be adjoining. All riders are eligible to travel to, from and within the green areas on the MCRide map. Seniors and individuals with disabilities can travel to, from, and within both the green and tan areas.

MCRide has a distance-based fare structure and fares must be paid in cash, upon boarding the vehicle. Drivers will not have change. You will be told the fare amount by the Call Center when you make your reservation. Base fair for the first five miles starts at $2.50 for the general public and $1.25 for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Each mile after that adds an additional .25 cents.

MCRide operates Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturday, service is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Currently there is no service on Sundays and Holidays. “We have been looking at expanding hours,” Borucki said. “We want to hear from people so their needs and wants can be included in the planning process.”

For additional information on MCRide, please visit www. McHenr yCountyD OT and click on the “MCRide Dial-a-Ride” link at the left of the page. You may also contact the Division of Transportation at 815-334-4981 or mcride@mchenrycountyil. govwith comments or questions.