I took my Kindergartener to his first play last month, put on by the local children’s theatre CAST. It was a great time. We jumped at the chance to see Peter Pan so close to home, at our local high school. The price was reasonable at ten bucks per ticket, and we scored front row tickets by purchasing early. We have never been theatre people, and I have seen limited plays in my life. After seeing this play, I realize what a shame that is.

Ryan was so excited to go on our “date” and see the play. He did not know what to expect, and neither did I. We grabbed our front row seats and the magic began. Peter Pan was played by a - gasp! - girl. And played so darn well, you could barely tell.

Smee was also played (very well) by a female cast member. Captain Hook was a tall, amazingly funny male actor who was kind enough to chat with my guy after the show in full character and snap a picture. Every kiddo, from the smallest mermaid to the loudest Lost Boy, was exceptional. Choreography was amazing, set was on point. It was such a surprising treat for us, and we will surely be back for more.

As my kids get older in our little town, it is such a joy to see them participating in community events and activities, from free Park District events to reasonably priced sports teams with awesome coaches. Marengo Union Times usually updates our family on what is coming up, and I look forward to finding out more about the goings on in our town each month.

Parents, I highly recommend checking out and getting involved in something that interests your family! There is bound to be something that suits you. As we sample more and more activities, we continue to be pleasantly surprised and more engaged within the community. We cannot wait for the next play and starting soccer and t-ball this summer. Hope to see you guys there!


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