Marengo Park District News

Our Park District is pleased to provide programs for Dance, Soccer, Performance Arts, Volleyball, and Basketball for kids, as well as Seniors Activities and the Fitness Center. The green space of our 4 park facilities is welcoming to those looking to walk, picnic, jog, disc golf or even just relax in the shade. Our community can be proud of these successes.

The future of the portion of the Indian Oaks Park facility that includes the in-ground pool can best be determined by discovering the needs and opinions of the residents of the district. Residents have been more than willing to express their thoughts about the pool situation. There will be an opportunity for the residents to answer a question on the November election ballot in the form of a non-binding referendum. This type of referendum is designed to gather information from the residents. No commitment is made by the residents in answering this question.

There are a few possible scenarios for the future of the park space that currently houses the pool. It could be restored to a functioning in-ground pool. This will require assessment, repair, replacement and upgrade of equipment. It could be removed and returned to green space. It could be removed, in part, and turned into another type of water feature. It could be removed and turned into a facility for another type of activity. All this would require breakup and removal of tons of concrete. Whichever of these scenarios is determined to be the best for the park's and resident's communal future, there will be costs involved to achieve it. Payment for these expenses could come from many sources including sponsorship, grants, fundraising, tax levy dollars, or programming income.

The current financial situation of the park district does not include funds to cover any of these scenarios fully. So, the staff is researching possible options. To even begin to assess the pool's function, maintenance needs to occur to start up the filters. Then, an architectural engineer would evaluate the body of the pool and the water filtration system. If the pool was to be removed and replaced, there will be costs incurred in removing the body of the pool and refilling with dirt and grass and other equipment.

• The future of the pool site is up for discussion and the residents of Marengo are welcome to share their thoughts. The next monthly Marengo Park District Board Meeting will occur at 6:00 PM on August 16th, 2018