Union Fire Department

Last month I spoke about area volunteers and had many people say thanks for that article. In that article I alluded to a new addition to the Union Fire Protection District fleet. The new apparatus is a 2016 UTV Polaris ranger 6x6, now identified as Union 1595. You may have seen 1595 around town or in recent parades. Several 100 man hours have been logged by LT Brandon Camp over several months modifying and outfitting 1595 to be the ultimate Fire Fighting search and rescue apparatus for the community! FF Ron Moritz provided many hours of his expertise in the finite details of running wires and honing in on the water propulsion of this very capable machine. Together these two equipped and outfitted 1595 with a 100- gallon water reservoir, pump and the necessary firefighting tools. This labor was at very little to no cost to the tax payers, as they volunteered much of their time to this task.

Even before 1595 was completed it had proven its capabilities in an early Spring grass fire that required driving thru a marsh of 6-12 inch water and mud. 1595 performed flawlessly without any hesitation - nothing stopped 1595 from rising to the task! This work horse can be used year round, in all weather conditions, on and off road, to enhance search and rescue efforts as well as firefighting operations. We will be able to provide services to DNR, on the bike trail, and to the many open fields and land in and around Union where our grass rigs simply cannot go. Parked on a trailer, 1595 can be ready in a moment’s notice to be used to assist neighboring communities. Hats off to Lt Brandon Camp and FF Ron Moritz for your dedication!

I would like to do a shout out to a recent addition to our dedicated staff of Fire Fighters – recently Mike Paige, a retired fire chief joined our ranks as a volunteer. Since joining the department Mike has helped us to navigate the certification process with the state, and Union Fire now has 4 members certified as Advanced Fire Fighters, and 6 certified Vehicle Machinery operations technicians! With his help we will gain further experience providing more value to the District. I am excited about Mike’s dedication to the betterment of the Union Fire Dept! Thanks again to all of our volunteers!

Since we are now approaching the fall – please be on the lookout for farm equipment, and let’s share the road! Enjoy your Fall!