BSA Troop 530 Eagle Scout Award

Saturday November 3rd Alex Sekulic, 15, of BSA Troop 530 was awarded the prestigious Eagle Scout Award at Victory Rock Fellowship Church in Marengo. He was fortunate to have his father, Doug Sekulic, Asst. Scout Master along with the other troop leaders, fellow scouts and Life Scout Mike Grant participate in his ceremony. Alex, achieved this milestone through the completion of merit badges, community service and his Eagle Project. He constructed a very nice stone firepit located at his church VRF, where the youth group can enjoy bonfires throughout the summer and fall months. He successfully raised money through donations and contributions to purchase the materials, but most importantly gathered volunteers to help complete his project. The goal of an Eagle Project is to utilize project management skills and resourcefulness to complete a valued project such as this. Alex looks forward to continuing with Troop 530 as a mentor and leader to younger scouts.