Easy Vegetables To Start From Seed

Why start plants from seeds versus buying young plants from stores? It is less expensive to start from seeds particularly if you need quite a few plants and the variety available from seed usually exceeds the choices in the garden centers. There are vegetables that are easy to start in the garden from seed for beginners that wish to explore this option.

Radishes are one of the easiest seeds to grow. They can be grown in spring and fall. Avoid the hottest part of the summer as the plants will bolt. Begin sowing radishes directly into loose garden soil 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost (early May for our area). The last sowing should be by late August.

Beets are a cool-season vegetable crop. This root veggie grows quickly and has many different varieties, which showcase deep red, yellow and white bulbs. Beets can survive frost and almost freezing temperatures, which makes them a great choice for early season planting. Successive crops could be planted every 3 weeks for a continuous supply through the growing season.

Carrots are popular with children and a great crop to grow. The soil in our area can be heavy for carrots causing them to be short and deformed. Lighten the soil by adding compost and some sand and enjoy the taste of a fresh garden carrot. Carrots prefer the cooler part of the growing season so can be planted both early and later.

Beans are very easy to grow but they do best when planted after soil temperature reaches 50 degrees. There are two types of beans, bush and pole. The pole variety are preferred by us as they grow up a trellis and are easy on the back to pick. Young children love to plant beans.

Another popular vegetable to plant with kids is peas. This is an early season veggie that can be sown every two weeks until mid- June. Some varieties will need a trellis to support climbing vines.

Spring is around the corner, so start thinking now about what seeds you would like to plant in your garden..