Durable medical goods such as wheel chairs, crutches, walkers or commodes can be expensive. The expense often arises as part of a health crisis or physical injury that brings many other unexpected costs as well.

When Dinah Binder retired and moved to Marengo two years ago, she left a position with Cuba Township in Barrington. Cuba Township has a program for lending durable medical goods to township residents. Binder wondered if there was any place in Marengo where people could borrow things like walkers, crutches or wheel chairs. She called various organizations and churches around town and found that no one offered this service.

Of course, many people lend and borrow such items from friends or neighbors when a need arises. But Binder had seen how invaluable it was to have a central location with items available for lending. She called Marengo Township Supervisor John Burns with an idea which she worked up into a formal proposal to present to the Township Board.XXXXX Binder knew Cuba township currently has an excess supply of durable goods available, so she had a source to begin to supply a lending service in Marengo. She needed a location to store the goods, and a way to let people know about them.

Her efforts have all come together to form the Marengo Township Medical Lending Closet. Clean durable medical supplies in good working order are in place now at the Marengo Township building, 4010 North Route 23. They are free to borrow for as long as they are needed. Wheel chairs, walkers, shower chairs, commodes, crutches and canes are already on hand thanks to Binder’s vision of a service to lift at least one small burden when medical need arises. The Township will also accept donations of any durable medical supplies that a family or individual no longer need. To arrange to borrow medical equipment or to find out what’s available, call Marengo Township at 815- 568-1355.