Little Panthers in Training

Waiting for your turn is one of the hardest lessons a little kid is faced with, especially when they have an older sibling in sports. That interest and excitement should not go to waste and at Zion Lutheran School, the Athletic Director, Diane Hinck has tapped into a great way for “Little Panthers” to get a head start. First the idea started with a Little Panther running group, led by Cross Country runners, younger kids could spend time being mentored and inspired by the older runners. This had been such a great success, it has now expanded into Little Panther Volleyball, Basketball and Cheer. During the respective season, the students who are not quite old enough to officially participate in a sport, still get a chance to learn the basics and have fun. Ms. Hinck has optimized this as a fellowship opportunity and sees skills develop as the children emulate the older athletes. There is even an “open to all” summer running program where children set individual goals, track their results and stay on track for the upcoming season. This is a wonderful way for kids to try out sports before true competition sets in and helps build confidence and most importantly bonds among the student population.