From the Desk of the Union Village Clerk

Last year at this time, I could hardly believe that a year had passed since I was appointed as village clerk. Now, it is hard to believe that two years have passed. Time marches on; and things around here that seemed so hard are much easier. However, new things pop up all the time. There are some things that are done weekly, others quarterly, and some yearly. Bob Wagner is such a great president. He is always there and seems to always have all the answers. We have a great board of trustees, as well as our ever-present attorney, Tom Schmitt, who are always willing to help when answers are needed. Tony Fredrickson just handed in his letter of resignation as treasurer, which saddened us as he will be sorely missed. He is training a new treasurer, Sandy Sheahan who seems to be just the person for the position.

I have written about our board and our firemen in past newsletter articles; but I want to talk about our police force. Sometimes we forget that they are here to keep us safe and to protect not only our streets, but our homes. Our policemen work for other towns as well. Often times they pull double shifts. I was at the Settlers’ Days Parade in Marengo last fall, and the temperature was unusually hot. We were dressed in summer clothes, drinking water, and seeking shelter from the sun, when I noticed a young officer dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt and long pants and wearing a chest protector. He was fully-exposed to the sun, trying to keep the crowd back as the parade rounded the corner. He went about his job as though the heat had failed to penetrate his clothing. We as citizens expect this without thinking about their comfort.

I see first-hand the many situations our police are put in; and yes, they are trained to handle each and every situation. I also think we should all stop and realize that speed limits are there for our protection; and we should abide by them. We must remember that spring has finally arrived and our children are so happy to be outside. Please drive carefully and keep them safe. When you meet an officer, thank him or her for a job well done.