This year, four Vietnam Veterans, Dale Carpenter, Larry Dochterman, Jim Erbstoesser, and David Lutes, visited with senior students in English IV classes at the end of their unit over the novel, The Things They Carried. After so many years of silence, we are grateful that these veterans can finally share their deep, touching, and sometimes even humorous experiences. Imagine finding out that what was thought to be enemy movement and sound was actually monkeys! We learned that Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Erbstoesser worked for the same company for years without ever realizing that the other was a Vietnam veteran. Like so many others, they came home, they hung their uniforms in the closets, and for quite a while they never talked of their service. MCHS seniors were reminded that anyone who puts on a uniform is a hero because they are sacrificing their time and are away from their families; it matters not if this hero sees active duty. Our veteran visitors had vastly different roles in the military, and we appreciated hearing from all of them as well as witnessing the lively banter and obvious respect between them.