Onesti's Wild West formally opened under their new banner May 18

Onesti's Wild West formally reopened under their new banner May 18, although Mike and Randy Donley are still involved with the 25-acre park site in Union. They are in partnership with Ron Onesti, owner of Onesti Entertainment, who has taken over operation of the theme attraction.

Onesti did purchase the formerly shuttered 200-plus seat restaurant, now rechristened the Be Bop A' Lula Rockabilly Cafe featuring live entertainment and new menu fare.

"The Donley family still owns the buildings and the parcel, but my brother and I wanted to step back from it a bit," said Mike Donley. "We have an auction and antique business that has taken on a life of its own. We entered into the partnership with Ron, who has brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy along with him.

"We felt all credit should go to him, so the park was renamed," he said. "We're looking forward to a great summer."