Marengo Fire and Rescue- June 2019

Well we are well on our way into the severe weather we sometimes experience during the spring months in northern Illinois. This year we have had more rain events causing some flooding than the severe thunderstorms, but we still wanted to remind you be prepared. Prior to severe weather events, have a plan. You should have predetermined shelter points along with food, water, flashlights, cell phone, and some type of weather radio (preferably battery operated) available. Flooding has been the biggest concern thus far and can be just as dangerous as severe weather. If you have flooding issues within your home it is best practice to stay out of standing water that has reached outlets or other electrical equipment as it may become energized. Also, while driving be aware of standing water. We have seen many instances on the news and in our area where motorists have attempted to drive through standing water and became trapped in their vehicles. You should always seek alternate routes to avoid driving through standing or flowing water on road ways. This month we will be starting our new hire testing process for new firefighter/paramedics. This process includes a written examination, physical test, background check, and interview. We anticipate 3-4 new hires coming from this process. Along with the new hires we will begin the process of forming a new hire list for potential officers. Current members that qualify to take the test, will undergo several testing processes that will challenge their knowledge and practical abilities based on the level of promotion they are seeking. Along with the testing process, we have begun to start building out the benefits package based on the passage of the referendums. As we look into the future, we will receive the money from the increase in May 2020. However, knowing that money will be available we are looking at options for starting some of those benefits in January 2020. We have already seen a positive affect with this passage from an employee retention standpoint. Three of our current members who had been actively testing for other departments have now opted to stay in Marengo and forgo moving to other departments. These three employees will also be testing for promotions and will have a positive influence within our departments and communities. So again we want to thank you for your support and we will continue to keep you updated on the success of this new program and the positive effects we are seeing.