Note from the Marengo Police Department

Your city is undergoing a transition at many levels. Here, at the police department, we are also experiencing some changes. In light of the economic situation, we, and every other community, have had to make some difficult choices. A major change that will directly affect our citizens is the outsourcing of our dispatch communications to the Village of Lake in the Hills. Although Lake in the Hills is a very competent and professional organization who will handle this facet of the police department in an efficient and effective manner, it will present some adjustment for Marengo. Not only will police officers have to change some of their habits, but citizens will not see or speak with anyone in the current dispatch center after normal business hours. Now, individuals in need of assistance will have to pick up the emergency telephone to be directly connected to the Lake in the Hills communication center. This also applies to any regular telephone call after hours which will also be routed to the Lake in the Hills communication center. The citizens of Marengo need to be cognizant of these subtle changes, and are encouraged to contact me at 815-568-7231 to discuss any concerns. Although technology is such that one should not notice any differences when they dial 9-1-1, in the event of an emergency, please remember the police officers will now be dispatched from another community and not locally. Once again, please feel free to contact me to discuss these changes or any other matters that concern you in regards to your police department services. I will try to assist you or direct you to the proper venue in order to accommodate your needs.