Former Treasurer Leaves Board, May Run Again

Anthony Fredrickson recently left his position as treasurer for the Village of Union.

Fredrickson, who served as treasurer for the village since January of 2007, said he left to spend more time building his new Ambit Energy Business. Sandy Sheahan is replacing Fredrickson as treasurer for Union. Fredrickson said he enjoyed his time as the Union treasurer very much.

"It was always interesting and made me realize how much goes into government," Fredrickson said.

Though Fredrickson said he is no longer on the board, he said he does intend to run for the board in the future.

"I enjoyed the board and am proud to have been part of the Village of Union," he said. "Being part of the action is the only way you can appreciate the long hours that the Village President, Bob Wagner puts in, as well as other members of the board."

Fredrickson said he has lived in Union most of his life and moved to the area when he was two years-old. He left Union to join the Coast Guard, and returned in 1996. Since 1996, he has remained a Union resident. Fredrickson is also a member of the Union Fire Department, since 2004.

"I became an EMT last year, in an effort to provide more services to the residents, as well as help to have an ambulance placed in Union," he said.

Fredrickson said he likes the small-town atmosphere of Union and knowing many of the residents.

"Everyone is friendly and helpful," he said. "It's nice to enjoy a good meal at Checkers', or hang out in the gazebo; and there is always good fun at Chevelle's and Claussens'!"

Fredrickson said he feels more people should become involved in their communities.

"[I] encourage anyone living in Union, or Marengo for that matter, to attend your respective board meetings," he said. "You learn a lot and begin to appreciate what is happening. Who knows, you may just get the idea in your head to become part of the board yourself; or tackle - or even create-- a new project for your community yourself!"