News from Marengo Fire and Rescue District

The Marengo Fire/Rescue Districts are proud to announce that we recently took delivery of a new 2010 Med Tec Ambulance. The ambulance was designed and purchased over the summer and delivered to us in February 2011. The total build time was approximately six months. This new ambulance will be stationed at 110 Telegraph Street in Marengo and be one of three staffed ambulances. The rig being replaced will be put into a reserve status in case of breakdowns or regular maintenance to other ambulances. Since moving an ambulance to the Union Fire station, we did not have a reserve available. By purchasing the ambulance now, we stayed within our current replacement program and ensured that we have a reserve rig available in case of an emergency.

We would also like to inform you that we are currently taking applications for our June 2011 testing process. Applications can be printed from our website: