Marengo Park Board Votes to Open Pool

In a special meeting held on Tuesday, March 22, the board of commissioners for the Marengo Park District voted to open the park pool for the 2011 season. Previous decisions had been made to close the pool due to continued losses and much-needed repairs. Since that decision, members of the community have rallied their support. As of the evening of March 22, a new foundation was formed to create awareness and help the district raise funds to cover expenses. Many ideas were generated from this group. President Stephen Secor said he was, “proud of the showing of support,” and “thankful for everyone’s willingness to donate their time and talents to the park district.” President Secor also informed those in attendance that a local pool company had inspected the pool and has offered to make the necessary repairs free of charge. (I called the decision to open the pool a “leap of faith,” and was encouraged and confident in the foundation’s ability to assist the park district as they continue to make efforts to improve programs and facilities).