From the Union Fire Department

Many of you have noticed that the Union Fire Department has been training at a house outside of town, on Route 20. We invited the staff from the Illinois State Fire Institute to come and spend a Saturday with us, training the members of your Union Fire Department, as well as members from surrounding communities. Training covered many skills, such as: accessing a burning home; escaping through walls; cutting holes in the roof for venting; a live fire demonstration; and searching in smoke conditions. After training, the house was now full of holes and was allowed to burn completely. This training opportunity was a great success, and allowed our members to experience real conditions, and obtain critical hands-on training.

Your Union Fire Department continues to grow in education and in members. I would like to welcome our newest firefighters—Carlos Garcia and James Jewell-- of whom will be going to the Firefighter 2 Academy, beginning in May. We also brought on two other career firefighters that will bring much experience to the fire department. Spring is here, (well, almost)! With the time change that just happened, I hope everyone remembered to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It is critical to have those in your home, and to make sure that they are in working order. Also remember, that if you paint -do NOT paint any surface of the detectors, as it could damage the unit.

Since we are on the subject of spring, and as the residents of the Union-area begin to come out of hibernation, we will see more kids stretching their legs and running to the park. So, please be mindful of the kids out to play. Let’s keep everyone safe while driving.

Also remember that there are ordinances about burning, and recall the information from the last issue to contact your local fire department or your village hall to see what restrictions are in place. If you do burn yard waste, be courteous, (and neighborly), and see where the smoke is drifting. You don’t want to have the smoke blow into your home, or into a neighbor’s home either. If it is windy - do NOT burn, as that runs a risk. Keep in mind that the wind can shift and pick up. So, if you do burn, be safe, keep an eye on the fire, and keep a hose nearby!

Thank you and everyone please have a safe and enjoyable spring! For more information, e-mail: