Inside the Marengo Police Department

Joseph HallmanAs spring approaches, everyone appears to be ready to get outdoors and participate in those pursuits and activities which correspond with the season. Unfortunately, there are also those among us that take the opportunity or advantage of this weather for criminal pursuits. We typically see seasonal upticks in personal property crimes, such as burglary to motor vehicles, property damage, and graffiti, as the weather breaks. As always, I implore citizens to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police department. I also must point out that even though, “it’s just Marengo,” which I hear on a regular basis, people must make the practice of locking their cars and houses an everyday routine, to eliminate the opportunity for criminal activity. Why provide someone the ability to remove or damage something you have worked hard for?

I must also remind everyone that spring usually brings some severe weather, which our neighbors to the south of us recently experienced. Please remember that we have a series of outdoor weather warning sirens which are activated upon the sight of funnel cloud formation or actual tornado sightings. The sirens are to provide some advance warning, (if possible), so you may seek sufficient shelter. An “all clear” tone/ siren is not activated after an event. It’s not a perfect system; but it is getting better with supplemental technology of radars and other advances. I would suggest that everyone invest in a NOAA weather radio, which can also work in conjunction with our warning systems. These are a relatively cheap investment, which can pay immeasurable dividends. Please feel free to call me at the station at 815-568-7231, if I can address your concerns about these or other topics. Stay safe.