MCHS Humanities Class Builds Trojan Horse: The Greeks Have Arrived!

This year, the Humanities class explored the ancient world through the art and literature of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Inspired and challenged by their study, several senior and junior students have taken these ideas to a massive scale by constructing a Trojan horse. Laboring day and night Humanities’ students: Tyler van Voorhees, Sergio Aguilar, Chris Hansen, Ryan Ehredt, Melissa Looby, Tyler Oranger, and Frank Kaul created an original version of the famous horse. The work of art is over 18 feet tall, and estimated to weigh over 1500 pounds. The Humanities students were helped by parents; community members, Jim Carmichael and Dean Worrell; and fellow MCHS students Dan Werner, Ian Smith, and Zack Temple, who contributed their expertise in carpentry to the project (information is from Marengo Community High School’s website,

View photos of the Trojan horse