Inside the Marengo Police Department - June, 2011

Festival season is quickly descending upon us, and it seems as though every city and town hosts some type of event. Marengo is no exception. This year, we will be hosting the nationally-recognized 3-on-3 basketball tournament know as, “Gus Macker.” For the weekend of June 25 and 26, 2011, we will have additional visitors and activities, more traffic, more pedestrians, and associated issues. Although the chosen site is at Marengo Community High School, there are always accompanying factors of dealing with the aforementioned issues. I implore each citizen to slow down when driving on east-bound US Route 20 during this weekend, and to pay attention to driving-- not texting, talking on a cell phone, or other distracting behaviors. Not only will this event be going, but the 5th Annual Putt-Putt Challenge will be taking place downtown adding to the population. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy these activities, as well as the annual Settler’s Days later this fall; but please take your time getting there. It’s okay if you’re a little late. I’d rather see you there than at an accident scene. Until next time, stay safe.