Marengo Park District Foundation

“No better time than the present,” is our unofficial slogan for the Marengo Park District Foundation. We have come together in a very short period of time and have been extremely successful with the help of the community, local business, and schools.

The Marengo Park District Foundation is a non-for-profit organization which has been established to assist the park district. Our mission statement directly conveys our purpose: The Marengo Park District Foundation strives to create and develop public awareness of Marengo Park District’s recreational opportunities and fundraising needs.

Our organization was created by a few community members who were frustrated with the park district. Surrounding towns have park districts that are the central hub of the community; and we want Marengo’s Park District to have that status also. We understand taxpayer’s feel betrayed, but unfortunately the park district has been “paying” for years for mistakes that were made in the past. It’s time to turn it around!

Our initial focus has been the opening of the pool. We have been working directly with the Marengo Park District Board of Directors and staff to get the pool up and running and the pool-area more appealing to the eye. We thank you for your donations in our “Pennies for the Pool” collection, as well as the raffle that we recently held to give away three family season pool passes. Yes, the pool will be opening; but we are still in need of additional help or donations. On May 14, 2011, the “foundation” sponsored a “Perk Up the Park Day.” It was a volunteer day with a fabulous turnout on a chilly, Sunday afternoon. Landscaping was trimmed, weeds pulled, and paint scraped, but it was just the beginning.

We are currently looking for a donation of sand for the kids’ play area and the volleyball court at the pool. Any help in donating, removing, or transporting sand would be greatly appreciated. The “foundation” is more than happy to recognize any local businesses that assist with an advertising sign.

Pool passes are available at the park district office, and the summer programs should be arriving in the mail soon. Check out the new non-resident rates for all activities, and don’t forget to sign your kids up for swim lessons! Yes, we also have a swim team!

Thank you again to all of the volunteers, contributors, sponsors, and foundation members. Marengo’s Park District can be a success again if we all work together. Look forward to the future. The Marengo Park District Foundation is, “For the Community… By the Community.”

(Article submitted by the Marengo Park District Foundation).