Top 10 Reasons it is Great to Live in Marengo and Union

10. Our Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts bring in the highest amount of food each year for “Scouting for Food’ for local food pantries.

9. The year without a pool...SAVE OUR POOL! And that is what they are doing. Thank you to the Marengo Park Foundation for taking action.

8. Big time celebrities like Thomas the Tank Engine come back year after year to visit us-- we have to be special.

7. Within a 10-mile radius, you can watch a cowboy stunt show, see how Maple Syrup is made, and then go cosmic bowling.

6. You can have a culinary tour of the world by visiting all the restaurants on State Street-- from Mexican to Asian, Italian to Texan, and of course, Subway!

5. If you love golf, we got golf! Three wonderful golf courses to choose from, plus a downtown mini Putt-Putt Challenge for the semi-pros.

4. The MCHS Seniors built a Trojan Horse for their Humanities project. Little did we know it was filled with grasshoppers, not soldiers.

3. Where else can you kick off Halloween by watching Coffin Races on Washington Street, and see some really interesting characters--besides your neighbors?

2. Our Settler’s Days parade is the largest parade in all of McHenry County, and somehow causes the weather to be unusually hot for October.

1. The sense of community that you can only find in a small town with good people.

(The above article is submitted and does not reflect the opinion of The Marengo-Union Times).