M.O.R.E. News - June, 2011

The food pantry has had a number of locations throughout its history. In the early nineties, it was located in city hall. The food pantry has also been housed at the water treatment plant and the Covenant Baptist Church garage.

Marengo Youth Wrestling Club Holds Annual Banquet to Honor Members

After a successful season, the Marengo Youth Wrestling Club held its annual banquet on April 9, 2011 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Union.

Pondering the Past: Tales Lost in Time - The "Foul Murder of a Young Farmer"

The areas of Deerpass Road and Kishwaukee Valley Road, in many ways, are typical of the McHenry County landscape. Gently-rolling fields planted with crops, small farms, and single-family homes create a peaceful and serene landscape.

Marengo: “Days Gone By” The "Old Mud Store"

If you look at the intersection of U.S. Route 20 and 23 or, “the four-way stop,” as we used to call it, you will now see the new strip mall located at this location.

Marengo Students Receive Scholarships from Rich Bauman Tuition Fund

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, the Sacred Heart Church Knights of Columbus awarded Marengo residents Bruce Mikosz, who will be a freshman, and Caitlin McKenna, $500 each in tuition assistance to attend Marion Central Catholic School in Woodstock.

The Marengo Republican Newspaper, 1866-1906

To try to put a dollar-and-cents value on a truly local newspaper is likely impossible! Its value goes beyond the economics of a business; but instead, goes straight to the heart of the community.

Mickey Zito, Fireman, Remembered by Many

Many who knew former Marengo resident and fireman, Angelo “Mickey” Zito, said they will remember him for his genuine acts of kindness, caring smile, and giving heart.

Buisness Spotlight: Country Gentleman

When Rocco Gailloreto goes to Country Gentleman in Marengo, he said he receives great service like an old-time barber shop.

Marengo Farmer's Market Starting in June

The Marengo Friday Farmer’s Market is up and running again starting June 17, 2011.

Marengo Main Street - June, 2011

We are making significant progress on some great Marengo Main Street projects. Two of the projects I’d like to highlight include the Downtown Beautification Project and the Porch Quilt Summer Art Exhibit.