Marengo Community High School Prom 2011: “When Night Falls”

Excitement rang throughout the halls of Marengo Community High School as prom tickets began to go on sale. Girls were deciding what color dresses they should wear and boys were stressing over dates as the air of prom began to make its way over the school.

MCHS Humanities Class Builds Trojan Horse: The Greeks Have Arrived!

This year, the Humanities class explored the ancient world through the art and literature of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Inspired and challenged by their study, several senior and junior students have taken these ideas to a massive scale by constructing a Trojan horse.

Buisness Spotlight: Farm Animal Veterinarian Service in Marengo

Though Dr. Bill Morrissey helps animals on a daily basis, his practice, Farm Animal Veterinarian Service in Marengo, also has a day-to-day impact on local farmers.

Marengo United Methodist Church Hosts The Salvation Army Golden Diners Program

Marengo resident, Mary Pflueger attends The Salvation Army Golden Diners Program at the Marengo United Methodist Church and said she enjoys the fun activities and good food.

Hooves to Heal

When several Marengo Community High School students went to Hooves to Heal in Marengo, they not only participated in riding activities, but they also learned job skills. Fourteen students and six staff members from the MCHS Life Skills program went on a field trip to Hooves to Heal on April 8, 2011.

The Life and Times of Walter S. Weimer

Meet Walter Weimer, an ordinary guy, who has had some extraordinary experiences. Born into a childhood of extreme poverty, where he and his siblings had to use their wits to survive.

Marengo Airman Returns Home Again after 44 years

VIETNAM-This story begins in Vietnam in 1966. First Lieutenant James H. Graff was a co-pilot on a U.S. Air Force C-130 with four other crew members when their plane crashed into a mountain side in Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam. The date was October 3, 1966. The crash was listed as, “caused by ground fire or sabotage.”

City Approves Rezoning of Library Building

The Marengo City Council approved the rezoning of the Marengo-Union Library District building to 19714 E. Grant Highway in Marengo, at the city council meeting on April 11 in city hall.

Inside the Marengo Police Department

As spring approaches, everyone appears to be ready to get outdoors and participate in those pursuits and activities which correspond with the season. Unfortunately, there are also those among us that take the opportunity or advantage of this weather for criminal pursuits.

From the Union Fire Department

Many of you have noticed that the Union Fire Department has been training at a house outside of town, on Route 20. We invited the staff from the Illinois State Fire Institute to come and spend a Saturday with us, training the members of your Union Fire Department, as well as members from surrounding communities.