A Glimpse of Marengo’s Athletic History

The year was 1989. Marengo was honoring its 70 years of basketball legacy by honoring one of its basketball stars, Cliff Kitchen. Kitchen was forward, (and captain), on the first Marengo High School team from 1918-1919.

Women In Business Holds 2nd Annual “Champagne, Chocolate & Chicks Night”

Many women in business had a very relaxing night on March 16th at Joe’s Place in Marengo. Ellen Brunschon said she got a manicure; hand wax; massage; and reflexology at the 2nd Annual Women In Business “Champagne, Chocolate & Chicks” Night.

Be Safe: News and Events from the Union Fire Protection District

The Union Fire Department has been keeping busy this past winter! The big snow in early February was a test of our abilities. Our newest brush truck, 1569, did very well in plowing through the snow to get to stranded motorists, as well as a stranded ambulance. With the assistance of our trustee, Roger Heimsoth, and his tractor, the Union firemen were able to get the ambulance and bring them to Union.

Note from the Marengo Police Department

Your city is undergoing a transition at many levels. Here, at the police department, we are also experiencing some changes. In light of the economic situation, we, and every other community, have had to make some difficult choices. A major change that will directly affect our citizens is the outsourcing of our dispatch communications to the Village of Lake in the Hills.

Person of the Month

Tim Neubeck is looking to make his new, part-time position as coordinator of the Marengo Economic Development Commission into a full-time career. Neubeck started the position at the beginning of February 2011, after former coordinator, Dane Checolinski, accepted a new position in Wisconsin. Some of Neubeck’s responsibilities include: recruiting and retaining businesses; distributing marketing materials for local businesses and for the city; administering tax incentive...

Buisness Spotlight

When Marengo resident, Christine Ditzler takes her family shopping at the Marengo Convenient Mart, she said they are always greeted with a friendly smile and a warm welcome. Dale and Jacqueline Pancyrz, owners of the Marengo Convenient Mart and residents of Belvidere, officially opened the store on October 22, 2010.

Pondering the Past: Tales Lost in Time

As a person moves about McHenry County and glances at the landscape, it can be difficult to imagine that this place was once a desolate and rolling prairie. It may be even harder to imagine that Native American communities once existed here. Northeastern Illinois was home to several Native American tribes until 1836. In September of 1833, a treaty was signed in Chicago that ceded all of the remaining lands east of the Mississippi River to the US Government...

Blueberry Pancakes are “All the Rage” at Charity Breakfast

Breakfast-goers who attended the Sacred Heart Church Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast on March 26, 2011 in Marengo were pleasantly surprised to learn that blueberry pancakes were added to the menu.

M.O.R.E News

In this first publication of The Marengo-Union Times, I would like to introduce myself and Marengo area OutReach Enterprises, Inc. I am a retired Marengo Community High School teacher of 33 years and am now a grandfather to nine grandchildren.

Marengo Water and Sewer Rates Increase, Effective April 2011

The City of Marengo increased water and sewer rates by 5 percent on April 1, 2011. The increase was scheduled and approved back in 2008, said Joshua Blakemore, assistant to the Marengo City Administrator.